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Dragonball Filler List (Updated 2021)

Dragonball is a Japanese anime television show, made by Akira Toriyama in 1986. Dragonball began as a manga but later on after its success as an anime it was converted into an animated series. The animation was done by Toei Animation which is based in Japan.

This article talks about the airing of Dragonball and different aspects related to the show itself including its characters, storyline and merchandise used during that time period. So let’s take a look at our Dragonball filler list in more detail.

Dragonball first aired in Japan from February 26, 1986 to April 25, 1989 over 153 episodes with one special episode. It started with Goku finally meeting Bulma to get his Dragonballs back and then joined forces with her to find the all seven dragonballs so they could summon Shenron and wish for deepest wish of their hearts.

Over the course of the series Goku and Bulma got themselves into many situations which involved different dragonballs in their possession they also encountered foe after foe that were determined to get the Dragonballs from them.

This was because if a person collects all seven Dragon Balls they can summon Shenron for one wish (and only one) no matter what it may be whether it is world domination, immortality or someone back from dead.

Many villains have attempted to collect all seven Dragon Balls over the course of Dragonball’s history but some of these villains failed and others succeeded in obtaining all them.

Dragonball is a really good anime because it uses martial arts, comedy and action combined to make a great show that kids of all ages can enjoy.

It also teaches many important life lessons while you are watching it. Some of these lessons include- friendship, helping those in need no matter what the consequence and standing up for yourself when provoked or bullied. When Dragonball first aired in Japan during 1986 there were 153 episodes.

In 1989 these episodes started airing in America on Toonami which was an action-animation channel based on Cartoon Network from April 29th till October 10th 1999.

DragonBall Z then took over where DragonBall left off with 291 episodes being shown on TV between September 20th 1994 until May 23rd 2003.

This is one of the reasons that Dragonball has grown so popular because many different scenarios and results have been seen.

Some examples of villains include Emperor Pilaf, Taopaipai, General Blue and Piccolo Daimou.

Goku also had a son named Gohan who was born in Dragonball Z series after he defeated Piccolo Daimou to save his world from being taken over by him.

Goku fought with Piccolo at King Kai’s planet but later finds himself back on Earth where he learns about the death of Kurilin (Krillin) he vows to get revenge for his friend against Piccolo.

Dragonball Filler List

Our thorough research has concluded that there are 15 episodes considered for our dragonball filler list, out of 153 episodes. This gives Dragonball a filler list percentage of 15%

Dragonball Canon Episodes

1-28, 34-41, 43-44, 46-78, 84-126, 133-148

Dragonball Filler Episodes

29-33, 42, 45, 79-83, 127-132, 149-153

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