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Hunter X Hunter Filler List (Updated 2021)

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese anime show based on the manga books written by Yoshihiro Togashi. The show’s latest adaptation began with the very beginning section of the story instead of just finishing what had been done in 1999 by Madhouse Studios.

The art direction is handled by Hiroshi Kōjina with the creative scripting by Jun Maekawa, and character designs by Takahiro Yoshima.

Hunter X Hunter Summary

Hunters are licensed members of humanity who track down secrets, rare beasts, and even other individuals.

Those who pass the annual Hunter Examination, which has a success rate less than one in 100,000, are granted licenses by the Hunter Association.

The Hunter Association has three-star ratings for hunters: one star is reserved for people with exceptional achievement in a specific field, two stars are for individuals who hold an official position, and three stars are awarded to those noteworthy in multiple fields.

The story follows a young boy Gon Freecss, who was told all his life that both his parents are dead. But when he learns from Kite, an apprentice of his father Ging Freecss, that he is still alive and has since become an accomplished Hunter, Gon leaves his home on Whale Island (くじら島) to take the Hunter Examination in order to become a Hunter.

During the exam, Gon meets and soon befriends three of the other applicants: Kurapika, the last remaining member of the Kurta clan who wishes to become a Hunter in order to avenge his clan and recover their scarlet-glowing eyes that were plucked from their corpses by a band of thieves known as the Phantom Troupe; Leorio, a prospective physician who, in order to pay for medical school, desires the financial benefits that Hunters receive; and Killua Zoldyck, another twelve-year-old boy who has left his former life as a member of the world’s most notorious assassin family.

Gon is one of many examinees, but he comes to frequent encounters with Hisoka – a transmuter who is always ready for death. After Gon’s friends attempt the examination without him and all pass except for Killua – who fails after using a forbidden technique against another applicant and fleeing to his family estate in shame – Gon becomes determined to find out what happened between them by accepting challenges from Hisoka himself.

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